Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Examples of how going green saves you money
A lot of people say that living an environmentally conscious lifestyle is expensive.  But going green can also be enriching not just to our own health or our society’s welfare, but to our pockets as well.

Types of eco tourism
Nature is one great attraction for travel. Know the different ways of enjoying nature and how we can be responsible eco-travelers.
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Homemade window cleaner
What are cheap, non-toxic, and environmentally safe ways of cleaning our windows and our homes? Why do we need to be conscious about the cleaning products we use at home?
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Safe plastic drinking water bottles
Know the story of the bottled water and get to know what makes up common plastic drinking water bottles and how it can affect you and our environment.
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Commuters can offset their carbon footprint
What is the impact of our daily activities to the environment? Is there anything we can do to reduce carbon emissions? Why should we, commuters, care and what simple changes can we make in order to stop the negative effects of transport and travel?

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