Friday, May 6, 2011

Symphony in Green: What are the reasons for going green?

Symphony in green

I was visiting a friend who is a teacher at an international school and I noticed that her fridge, cupboards, bedroom, and bathroom are filled with organic products, instead of the usual household brands available in the market.

I asked her ‘So when did you start going green?’

‘Since I started working! You see, at school, I noticed that the number of kids suffering from ADHD has significantly increased.  I got curious and did a little research on what could be causing this. ‘

‘You know what I found? Studies say that what women take into their bodies have been linked to poor health outcomes, placing babies at risk for birth defects or chronic illnesses later in life. And they’re not just talking about food! It could be anything that’s mixed with the air we breathe, the water we use everyday, and the stuff we apply to and gets absorbed by our skin! ‘

I told her, ‘You know, when I think about it, the stuff that we take could also be why cancer seems to be an “in thing” these days and why people who survived cancer would normally become very conscious about going organic after treatment. ‘

To this, she said ‘I agree! And when you’re surrounded with kids with certain conditions and you have friends who have cancer, then you start thinking about what you want your future children to be like or whether you yourself are at risk of becoming terminally ill in the future. It won’t hurt to be careful.’

So what are my reasons for going green?

1.) I believe it’s good for me… and that it’s the right thing to do.

Do you want to be beautiful and healthy?
Do you want to save money and live rich?
Do you want healthy, sustainable economies?

I do! And I believe we can have them by finding symphony in green.

I believe there is a lot of good in living healthy, sustainable lifestyles and that a lot of our health    problems and global concerns can be answered by going green.  It’s in my best interest (and yours) to learn how.

2.) Nature abounds in beauty… and I have a stake on it.

Have you ever spent time by the beach, watched the sun set, and witnessed the dark skies burst with a million shining stars?
Have you ever seen sunrise, felt cool breeze against your cheeks, and heard the music of life unfolding at the beginning of a day?
Have you ever tried diving, hiking or spelunking and been held in awe by what you saw?

I have! And I want more of it.

I know that my actions and the way I live affect my environment. I believe that I need to pitch in to keep this world a beautiful place to live in, today and in the future.

3.) I want to give back… and going green opens up opportunities to do so.

Do you feel grateful about the blessings you receive from the earth each day?
Do you think there is value in doing one green thing for yourself, your family, or your society?
Do you want to make a world a better place?

I do! And I want to start now.

I have come across people and organizations that have made a difference through various green initiatives.  I want to be one of them. 

So is it worth it to go green?

I believe it is!

And if you, too, are concerned about your health, environment, and society…

If, like me, you appreciate beauty around you and within you…

Or if you want to know how to be healthy, responsible, and beautiful (both inside and out!)…

Let us connect and share ideas! 

The blog, Symphony in Green, will become an environment where, like the harmony of sounds in an elaborate orchestral composition, we can unify our efforts and make our voices one in learning and sharing ways of finding beauty and making a difference by going green.  

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